Guard me vs Guard area


I can’t see any difference between these two options. In both cases, the follower attacks the target who is attacked by the player, the target who attacks himself, the target who attacks the player or the target who attacks an ally.

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Guard me: Follower will only attack enemies that tarted player or attack the same target as a player.

Guard area: Follower will attack the enemy that attacks player, or ally, or base within set radius.

Attack all enemies: Follower will attack any aname within set radius (note if chase radius as smaller than attack radius, the follower will attack within chase radius)

This is what the description says, indeed, but I can guarantee that with “Guard me” the follower defends the allies as well and that with “Guard area” he attacks the same target as the player too. I didn’t test when the base is attacked thoroughly, but I think it’s the same as well.

Depends on attack radius. When you attack something within thrall’s guarded area, he will attack this target as well because you are within his guarded area.

It’s possible, because I have set the attack radius and the chase distance to the max for all the followers. But even with “Guard me” they don’t attack the target if it is farer than the chase radius, that’s why I had to set the chase radius to the max. Didn’t test it with range attack, however. Maybe the attack radius is for the Guard feature. I found it easier to make the follower engage a distant target to attack it with a bow than to use direct orders, because these are too limited in distance.

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