Guild Recruitment: New social Guild for new players (or returning)

We are a new small and social guild looking for more members: Dominion SO
Server: Crom

Most of our players are European based, but we are also a few night owls, so people all over the world are welcome to join us.

About us & the guild:
This guild was founded by two players who were active 10 years ago, so we have some knowledge, but at the time everything feels new again.
New players are more than welcome to join and help us build our guild as well as guild city together :pick:

As a community we like to do quests, dungeons and hoping for raids in the future - for the time being we are only a handful of players, the most important thing is that we all have fun!
From time to time you can also find us in voice chat with a drink or 10 doing some social activities together :beers: Especially on Fridays!

If you are a player looking for a social platform as well as doing dungeons future guild planning and crafting, you are in the right place.
Also it is ofc a plus if you want to “share” a drink and a laugh with us on Fridays! Cheers/skål! :beers: :wine_glass:

What we offer:
• Experienced, attentive and friendly officers
• Welcoming general crowd :wave:
• A relaxed community with member focus
• Large L3 & active Discord community (also with social channels such and hobbies, pets and chit chat)

Let me know if you are interested and I can send an invite (you can also join our Discord end of the link is /dominionso).