Halloween Event: Oct 12 - Nov 5

:jack_o_lantern: ALL A-GOURD! :jack_o_lantern:

Halloween descends on Rubi-ka October 12 - November 5!

NEW this year is the Hollow Reaper! The Reaper is an open-world raid boss located in Deep Artery Valley. Defeat it for new phats!

Uncle Pumpkinhead emerges from the depths, and with him, Griefing and Ganking Pumpkinheads around everywhere! Be ON-GOURD and defeat them for chances at exclusive loot!

Draculeet and Frankenleet return to grant access to an abandoned research facility or allow you to face the Entvined in Enigma Grove. Seasonal and rare loot await!

Trick or Treat! You’re getting a free Pumpkin Helmet to claim in the item store - available to everyone! Seasonal variants of select Phasefront vehicles are also for sale–get them while they’re hot!

FREE WEEK: October 12 - October 19

All accounts in good standing* can log into Anarchy Online regardless of subscription status beginning October 12 through October 19th, 2018!!

*To quality, account must not be currently banned, suspended, or deleted

One-Month Subscription Offer

Purchase 1 month of game time and receive:

  • 30 days of playtime
  • Unique Sky Sweeper flying broom stick
  • Exclusive Entvined Facemask
  • Combat Nano Can: Premium Experience Booster (1 per character)

See you for the scares!

-The Anarchy Online team