Hands UP! [testlive] PVP

Hope you guys enjoy some light heated pvp since links are not allowed go to Youtube and Polarbear Igloo. It is a short pvp clip that I hope you guys enjoy! :slight_smile:


“And that’s was the moment he knew he f’d up” that was hilarious bear! :smiley:


offff my leggg!

Damn, that was a beautiful video. Great raid. Sounds like a great group you’re with too too — precise and professional. Nobody even freaks out when you swipe those explosive jars!

And it looks like you hit a good target. They just have the two doors, and then one big chamber with all the loot! They really should’ve built separate rooms inside!

Copy this and remove the space for the link (don’t click the link! copy and paste it!):

https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=PTopSD33O1M

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Should’ve had more video to make today, they got lucky!

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thanks for that twin! Will do for next video

it would have been but circumstances…

We’ll have more soon, “Winter is coming!”

LOL got to review I try and keep it archived for a few days due to drama dieing down.

since links are not allowed

Are they not? I think they are.

EDIT: Just put the link on it’s own line and the forum parses it into a box.

He is a new enough user that his permissions are still limited.