Hardened Steel Cage is Invisible

Got the Steel Cage feat, and decided to try it out. I placed the cage outside the workshop, and I’m glad I did. As soon as it was placed, it disappeared. I don’t mean it wasn’t there, I mean nobody can see it. We have a 4 man clan, and no one can see it. We can run into it and be stopped, but nobody can see it.

We had hoped the purge would eliminate it, but they didn’t seem to notice it either.

It’s been four days/server resets, and still nothing. Any ideas?


Thanks for the warning. I heard of people having a problem with the cage somewhere in the forum perhaps in PC part.


Seems this issue has been going on for awhile.

It wouldn’t let me quote properly, but I did find this interesting:



Okay so this is the information gportap sent us which is gobbledygook to me lol I am in no was technically minded enough to understand this however…

We discovered a area of the map (infront of a players base) that had become insanely laggy and could not be passed, it looked and felt like we were walking into invisible walls.

This piqued our curiosity as we know hardened steel cages are currently placing as invisible which made us think someone was trolling the aforementioned clan and had placed these cages around the archway to their base.

Fast forward a day (after the server crashes) and we decide to test a theory we summoned Zath (oh my goodness my all time favourite god now) and we proceeded to use the acid attack over the entire affected area.

Immediately we noticed the difference, the leg was gone and you could walk through the area without hitting anything.

On top of that the server hasn’t crashed or experienced major lag spikes since which has lead us to belive these cages may be the cause.

Above comment found here.


That’s really good information. Will inform people on my server and a couple other server owners.


Hey @speedice

We’re aware of this issue and we’re looking into it. It also seems to affect Xbox, which is where it first was reported. We’ve poked our team about it again.

Thanks for the feedback.


I’m on PS4 8091 pve c and I placed two hardened steel cages next to my base on the beach. Same thing happened to me. They went invisible and rubber band while trying to walk through. I can climb it and hold. Eventually it will shoot me 20 ft into the air. Even tried a building block to detect where they were at for deletion. No luck the blocks disappear trying to find the cages.


Sounds like a good way to go for a flight with out a Righno around.

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