Harvest Bloodstone

I’ve got the above challenge and looking at guides they say to do the dungeon to harvest itvthere. I did that but none of them counted for the challenge. Are they meant to?

Fully harvesting the golems in the dungeon should also trigger that.
You need to completely harvest though until they disappear.
If you’re not getting progress, relog… sometimes they bug out and even thou you got progress, it’s not reflecting on the UI


Thanks, relogging didn’t work.

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@Birder not sure about the one you having issues with but I have found you need to have the particular journey step started did a few today realized what I was doing wrong.

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I think OP is talking about the battle pass challenge though :slight_smile:
As I cannot see a journey step involving blood crystals, but I know there is a BP challenge.

Regardless, the trigger mechanics are similar for either, except for the BP you don’t have to micromanage it to make sure it’s set to be tracked.
And the above trigger does work :man_shrugging: so I’m not sure what the problem is there… there aren’t even many mods that would interfere with this since the golems and blood crystals are all new.

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