Harvesting skeletons

Skeletons should yield bone when harvested with pick, hatchet, or pickaxe. They could drop skulls and putrid meat when harvested with cleaver.


Don’t they do that already? I could almost swear that they do. Though I suppose they could drop more.

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I’ve gotten a weathered skull off of one, but haven’t bothered trying to harvest any since then.

I wanna know how they drop putrid meat at all. I mean, some of them sure… but there are skeletons that don’t even look to have any skin/meat left on them… where is it coming from?


Probably from the same place where the extra limbs come from when harvesting human corpses. I’ve managed to chop off three arms or legs from my own dead body when cleaning up the mess I’ve made on my own doorstep.

I think the putrid meat we get from skeletons is the rotten brain they have inside their fragile skulls, and the reason why we don’t get skulls often is because the skull breaks when we try to dig the brain out with a mining implement. although why we prioritize the contents instead of the skulls is a mystery.

“Yay, I killed a dead guy!”
“I’ll chop his head off, make sure he stays dead this time.”
slosh slosh “Ooh, sounds like there’s something inside!”
crack “Eww, it’s all rotten. And now I broke the skull too.”
“I’ll check the wiki to see how to make glue so I can put this back together.”
“I’ll just call this guy Humpty Dumpty and go find some other guy with his head still in one piece.”

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When harversted with a mining pick, they do yield bone (not always, but often). Probably when harvested with an axe/pickaxe as well.

I always get 3 legs when i chop my body :slight_smile:

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