Have Fun PVE-C 5x all

This is a new server pve-c AOC based game with server-based market.
warp with /home /set home
Hello from Ritoruma, we are looking for people to join our community for a low-key chill PvE-C, looking for people who would like to join us, we have future events planned.
Raiding are Sat and Sun 15:00 to 00:01
PVP is Mon-Sun 15:00 to 00:01
To raid you must have a tier 3 base at least 8X8X8, we do not want people to just get on build a shack and raid.
No farming players, if it seems to me that you are just going after one person over and over. not OK
Do not say bad things about real life thing, No personal insults.
do not be an ass hat in chat, I will let you know if you are going too far.
You can have up to 11 thralls running and leveling with you.

Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded
Unlock Plus
Better Thralls
Stack size Plus
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Improved Quality of Life
and more.
Shani’s Stuff will have riddles that pop up in chat to find unlocks for them.

It is important to keep in mind that you will encounter the traditional PvP rules of Conan Exiles in this server like; dropping items on death, players can loot others inventory, but your home base will never be raided!

Thanks for your time