HELLO :D I made the 2nd and now 3rd episode to my fan comic, yeah!

this is the second episode to my fan comic,
thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:



Wish I could see it. T^T loved the last one and have been waiting so long for more.

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Your allowed to tap the link to read, I’ll let you, hey, maybe one day in the future I will get 10c.

Hey, I draw peoples in game character and mine too on devintart, I’m cook3chickpea. I’m practically unknown and don’t have much support for my art or comic, like I’ve got 6 followers on devintart and 4 on tapas. If I get like 100 on tapas I can start getting paid like 10c for my efforts, so basically never, but letting you know incase you think I’m super famous and don’t need support. I’m not, :heart:~I’m a loser baby so why don’t you kill me~:heart:

I’ve seen your work. It’s really good. All I can do is stain paper and call it art so you should be proud of your talents. Once enough people see your work you will get the support you deserve. Even the legends weren’t famous right away. That’s why we are called starving artists. Keep working hard because you are making a very dim world a little brighter.

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Awwwww maaate! thank you. No no no! im not crying, that’s just a little desert sand in my eye.

I’ve just finished the 3 episode. hope you like it…



I’ve done the 3rd ep now.



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