Help cant add isle of sip to steam cart

Title says it all i click to add it to my cart it takes me to my cart page and says cannot add your item. i own the game and all other dlc

Sounds more like a steam problem. Have you contacted them at all. ??

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i did they of course blamed funcom

…why would it be a Funcom problem on Steam’s store. Did they give any specifics, or just pointed fingers and didn’t bother to do anything? (You know, like every cable internet company in the world does).

I was wondering that myself. Doesn’t make any sense that the developer would have anything to do with it.

The only thing I could think of was maybe the OP was attempting to buy a package instead of just the DLC. On Steam, there are packages and bundles. Bundles you can buy even if you already own something that’s in it and you’ll only be charged for what’s missing, which is really nice. Packages you have to buy everything that’s in it, and Steam complains sometimes if you already own something it contains.

But I just looked and I don’t see anything but bundles for CE, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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