Help with keybinds

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Long time funcom fanboy here.
played aoc, anarchy online, secret world for 15 years, and now decided to try out the “newest adition” conan Exiles. :slight_smile:
I started yesterday and i feel at first try very unfamiliar with this game.

So is there any guide with recommended keybinds? Customed UI? server choice and so on.
My biggest issue so far was the standard keybind, so if anyone has some recommendations there is nice :slight_smile:

Esc > Settings > Keybindings

thanks, but isnt there anymore specifics like this key to this movement and such?

Whatever suits your playstyle best. You’ll learn over time how you like to play the game.

I’m left-handed so my whole keybind setup is a weird mutation that I’ve just got used to over many years of various games.

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