Hi, I'm ThomasJ

Greetings, Exiles!

After lurking for a while I figured I should probably introduce myself. My name is @ThomasJ , and while I’m primarily a producer here at Funcom I also help out on the support and community side. I’m very excited to be part of the team, of Conan Exiles, and of Funcom, and look forward to us all working together.

My production role is actually not on Conan Exiles but other titles, so I won’t be doing development posts and the like. In fact, I probably won’t be very visible on the forums at all, leaving that to our excellent team members. But from time to time I will drop by, hence this post to make sure your “huh, who’s this guy” can be answered by checking my post history. :wink:

See you around, Exiles!


Hi @ThomasJ

Kind reminder that the office’s coffee supplies are already claimed by me, with @Dana being the direct inheritor in case of my early and/or violent demise.
Also, welcome! (to the forums, at least!)


Hey, nice to meet you ThomasJ, welcome to the exiled lands :slight_smile: we have fun and cookies and enslavery. Okay we don’t have much fun, and 0 cookies, but hey, the thralls are out there :smiley:


Well fun can be had and cookies, my exiles kitchen staff makes some lovely blood pudding and he has even been know to make rocknose peanut butter cookies, a bit tough but yummy.

Well to you ThomasJ, I hope your time on the forums is enjoyable as it can be. We all can be a pretty decent crowd.


Welcome and since you’re new we’re have to beat the crap then say welcome to the crew which I just said to the new manager at my workplace and his response was. That sounds reasonable and fair. Just be glad you’re not on the spellcheck team they about due for a lashing @Ignasi :joy:





Welcome to the truncheon or I should say club.


welcome to the Darkside, remember we have cookies :wink:


snags a Darkside cookie
Hello, Thomas!



It is very nice to meet you and welcome to the forms. As like some people have said many people here are quite decent and friendly and I do know that myself and others look forward to seeing you around on the forms.

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No Coffee for you, Ignasis took those supplies; No Cookies either, Fia nabbed those as well. What’s a fella to feel like these days? Welcomed??? :stuck_out_tongue:
Welcome, enjoy the people at least! All the best to you ThomasJ and ty for coming out and introducing yourself.


Welcome to to the forums.

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Huh, who’s this guy?


Welcome Thomas!
Fear Crom!


HEY! Welcome welcome… fair warning… some of us are weird. >_>
lick lick

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hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you

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