Hole in the map where u can enter!


Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [ Bug
Region: Swamp i can send a pic

we found today a Location where u can enter the map pls tell me where i can send the exact Location so u can fix it


the hole is huge - why such Things u do not c on the ptr Server and u got it still in game when u relaese it. a lot of rocks r also only grafik u can hide in side. but These rock r to much i do not have all Location
how Long u take to fix this stuff.
u know how fast the game was broken last time - when u like we Play u have to hurry more with such Bugs
the ppl r realy pissed of this Bugs (sory for the word)
Hope for answer


why i get no responce for such a Major bug


Where is it? Show us a screenshot of the location? I’m curious where this is.


i can not send the link dont know why i am not allowed

thx for help
i found some more but i Need to reproduce to tell u


i was aible to send the link to scooper