How do i build in ps4?

Hey everyone!

I just started playing this game single player on the PS4 and still not sure how everything works.

Mainly i wonder abotu constructing buildings. How do i remove walls and change direction of walls i already placed? And secondly how do i put on doors ? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for a reply!!

You first need the basic perk of construction, it learns you how to make walls etc…
Then in your inventory screen, on the right side you can make the walls if you have enough wood en stone and other materials (like tools and weapons).
When you finished making the wall you can place it in your hotbar L1 (most of the time it goes automaticly in hotbar if u have a free spot). Press L1 in game and select your wall. Now you can place it with R1 and rotate it with R2 and L2 and triangle.
It’s best to start with a foundation, it’s the floor.
You can remove your contructions by holding the square button when you look at your construction and select dismantle.
For doors you need to build the wall with the opening that fits in a door, then you need to make a door and aim at the hole of the wall and the door will fit right in it.

Thanks alot for the info!

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