How Funcom can reward early adopters without punishing new players

Hm. I have a hard time figuring out why that would be bad.
It’s not as if any EA-Player signed a contract which forces him to play a certain amount of time. Thus the “wait and see” attitude is far better then some “screw publisher/developer XY, never gonna buy anything from them again!!!111!”. At least that is my opinion.
(Though I feel like games which have been developed by some crazy big company are very often lacking the ability to make me having fun playing their games. I really feel like i.e. EA, Blizzard and Ubisoft are mostly/only after the “customers” money without providing games which arent even worth the money… :confused:
Sure, some say that about Funcom as well, but I dont know them too well. This is why I cannot say anything yet, it completely depends on what will happen after the launch. Will there be DLCs (of course coming at a price), will there be nothing or what will happen…? I would prefer an openly posted list of known bugs, as this would tell us what we dont need to report. And I hate what they did to bows, but that is rather personal taste. Lets wait and see. (Sorry.))

Also as I am one of those people who just need to have a little mix in my favorite games, I happen to play for a while, then take a break and somewhere in distant future start anew again. And as playing a game should be about what the player wants to do, I think that is completely alright. Why does everyone have to be playing a single game all the time? I really cant get people who are happy with only one thing to do. I need tons of them to choose from - depending on my current mood. And that is just fine.

I can kind of understand players wanting to keep lots of their stuff on pvp servers, but on pve, there is no reason to let them keep their stuff. Also, those packages would throw newbies completely behind. It will already be more than easy to spam foundations whereever you want to secure a spot.
I think a complete wipe at launch is really, really good. Players who have been playing in the last month(s) are already at some advantage anyway. They will be faster, know good spots right off the start and will sprint there anyway.

Why character levels? I saw someone on a server that was wiped on the 12th of April, who was 60 3 days ago. He got to 60 in 5 days (possibly faster).

I don’t think a reward system like this would be good for the game itself.

I can understand that loosing your base & all the rest at may 8 can be hard, but do not fear to restart from scratch my friend, you already have your reward with your many hours of play. Beside the conan armor (tho i’m not even sure about it, but since i don’t know what will be the stat i won’t digress much about), keep in mind that new player won’t know where are the hotspot of ressources, legendary thrall location, dungeon craft, cook&brew, emote, ect… But you will

They will have to learn the game like we all did (before the wiki get his update too^^) and during that time, your favorite spot will be alvalable, along with all your knowledge of before.

During early i think i jumped around 4 or 5 serv, and every time enjoyed to start back and take a diferent path, even on them we ran on several wipe, admin never gived back anything. After all, loose everything is part of the game, and part of the early access^^

If we wan’t this game to be successfull, i think the way that Fc choose, with no payed Dlc after launch, can’t go along a lootbox system, even if it’s just for early player.

Personnaly i’ve destroyed my F12 key, and recorded the best build i saw in game, but the important is to move forward, and i can’t wait to see what other will do in that swangle

P.s :

Yes & no, tho i was melting about this game coming out, we’re also here to shape the game with feedback & suggestion during all that ti… (yes to stomp agains the multiple bug & glitch too, have to admit xD) in order to have the best game we can at the end of the process (make bow great againg ? :s)

I really, really hope FC does not do a lootbox system! It is essentially corrupt game design and effectively gambling. I have walked away from every other game which has jumped on that bullcrap bandwagon even AoC as much as it vexed me. It is not the way forward for high-quality game design it is simply a short-term money grab which has goals and objectives running counter to a high-quality player experience.

Don’t get me wrong with 1800 hours of play i can go back to 60 pretty quickly…LoL i’m just lazy. I was mostly kidding about keeping the levels. I don’t think that most of us that bought the game in its first few days ever expected a so called reward. I just did it for fun and I would say I have more than gotten my moneys worth and it just keeps getting better. That’s reward enough I think.

That’s quite naive. No offence. What I mean is… not everyone knows what makes a good game. Like I suggested they give us the option to lock the admin panel from being accessed at all with a checkbox for a session in singleplayer.

I nearly got crucified for suggesting that here. The material costs are so high for construction that people apparently can’t imagine singleplayer without the admin panel, and they freak out so hard they only half-read my suggestion and jump to conclusions.

Funcom only implements changes if ENOUGH people whine about it. Do you know what the majority of people whine about? Things that FC can’t implement, i.e. mounts.

So no. We are not helping to ‘mold’ anything. We are purely just unpaid beta testers. At least we have the option not to take on that role.

This ties in very closely with the “special rewards” being given out at launch depending on which method of purchase you have chosen.

And of course, the servers must be wiped on launch day, why wouldn’t you want that?

I can understand the wipe. I’ve already seen some XBox bases with black hand bases melded into the walls after the update. I also love my base but it has flaws. The knowledge gained over the past year will come in handy on my next base.
Only thing I would like is to keep my character level. Really not looking forward to another unnecessary grind. They can take everything else.

Someone is going to make a mod with the upgraded version of the Atlantean Sword and Royal Armor.

Then you shall hear the might of the cascading sonic boom of a million facepalms shatter across the world’s athmosphere as poeple across the world shout: “FUN-CCCCAAAAAAWWWWMMMM!” with an expression only William Shattner achieved.

The current newsletter talks about them being able to be stolen so it would make sense they can be traded as I posted in another thread.

The reality is the game has been nearly dead for sometime. Official release is going to bring players back and new players. Starting the game at an unbalance will turn more players away than it will keep. People who like the game will continue to play. They Don’t need some compensation for playing. Your reward for playing is that you had fun.

Why on earth would you expect compensation for a game that has not even officially launched?

I’ll have to assume you are very new to early launch games (beta). I EXPECT a complete server reset. And compensation? Dude, play the game to enjoy it. You want then to compensate you for having a good time?