How goes European server trimming and migration?

Just curious how the European server trimming and migration is going.

No more issues?
Have the earlier bugs been solved?

I hope all is well

I have seen some upticks of complaints on the forum…more than the Asian trimming had (but that could be simply because EU is more…vocal when things go wrong vs the Eastern folks…and as everyone knows…the Americans just can’t shut up if they find anything they don’t like so naturally they are last :wink: )

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I have seen some reports that the destination servers are down after the latest merge and some reports of people missing their chars so I won’t be surprised if the merges get paused again.

Thanks @erjoh and @Narelle

I hope it goes well. I’m on the North American servers and we have organized so much just to pass the time :slight_smile:

There is currently an outage at the UK GPortal data center.

There is a broken fiber cable.


You can check the server merge status here. From what I was told is that the EU merges are almost complete.


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