Server Mergers North America still not happening or are they?

The process isn’t a coding one. They’re literally merging tables from one database to another. Your average office secretary learns how to do this in a 2 year school. If it works on one server it should in theory work on all.

The issue is it isn’t working on all of them. Some of them are having problems that haven’t been detailed. The problem itself may require coding. But coding isn’t some magical spell you weave and crap happens. You need to figure out what is causing the problem, how to replicate it, and then work out a fix. This is the same with any bug.

The scary part is that a datatable merge is messing up. It should not mess up. From my experience in modding (using datatable merges to add new items, feats, recipes, and pets) and from a server admin point of view (using it to fix issues on a server or particular character), it normally just ‘works’. If it doesn’t work, there’s something usually wrong with the database.

Imagine if you have two documents and you copy and paste stuff from one to the other. Then one day on a particular document, it doesn’t work. What do you do? The document is too important to delete, the information needs to be current, so wiping and rollbacking aren’t options.

Obviously you need to repair the file. And I imagine that is what is happening here. Now not every database that has issues may be having the exact same issue, so the repair process (if needed) will likely be unique for each one.

Personally when I’ve had issues in the caliber that they are having, I wipe the server in question. I wouldn’t have sat you all in limbo, I would have ripped that bandaid off, said your characters were unrecoverable and simply posted an apology wishing you luck on your new characters.

In hindsight, this would have been the better option, in the time its taken, you all could have been 60 with all your recipes back on new characters by now.


Normal office secretary can figure this out yet you do not understand that only the character being transfer which they already have a function that extract the data export and the import function that applies the information.

Merging two databases it is like saying they are smashing the worlds together. Maybe you should find a better school.

Why merge two databases when all that is being transfer over is a body vault. That body transfer is already precoded to allow to transfer data from one database to another.

The worlds are not being merged…

One world get deleted while other world is getting the character imported information.

The feature export character already exist so I dont follow your logic.

The two documents are the environment while the character itself is a paragraph that gets inserted into the character topic section that states eveeything about the character.

Learn to read carefully what happens to world A and world B.

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I said a datatable was being merged (its actually a few of them from what I can see) not world and not database. I was very clear and concise in the wording I used. And more specifically when I say datatable I mean the UE definition. Let’s say this again, a datatable is not a database. A datatable is not a world. Got it?

Exporting characters involves a web interface that isn’t needed to move characters. Its an extra step that could have issues and would take longer. They’ll need to use FTP to get the databases off of the servers at G-Portal, but FTP is a decades old proven system.

And just so you know you never delete a database (specific word here, look at it, go ahead take another look) until after all executions have been done. And I’ll even wager a decent amount they won’t be deleting the old worlds for some time. Probably keeping them on a thumbstick and cloud storage for a time. I don’t know what their criteria is for keeping backups are but I’m sure the old worlds (again specific word here, not a datatable), will or will be kept as long as any backup is kept to ensure contingency in case something went crazy down the line.

Clearly you still do not understand there is stuff behind the UI and they are function calls that call upon one another. Those functions are already written to execute and most likely they already have existing query calls that can be modied to go all in one go. It is not merging data tables but inserting the information. Clearly you never coded a function that does a database call.

Only seeing the UI so funny. It is like saying this is a hood but there nothing underneath that can be applied to other vehicles.

By the way FTP not secure try using ftps. Clearly your outdated in your time.

The files should be easy to drag n drop assuming they have some type filing system per character.

Personally I would not use outdated software as g-portal


Using the MySQL database

MySQL is one of the most widespread relational database management systems in the world. Here, for example, data of players, entire game scores or only mod- or plugin-relevant data is stored.

You can find the access data either in the MySQL tab (in Minecraft) or in the navigation menu under “MYSQL”.

With a click on the link at “phpMyAdmin” you get to the login page. The required data can be found in the overview.

Is there a list of which servers are being merged? I only came back recently and i started on a new server with no idea which ones are being merged. atm I am on Official Server: PvE (America) Exiled Lands #1725

I think you’re all kinds of discombobulated here. G-Portal is a business not software.

You’re so wrapped up into looking for an argument that you’re conflating not just apples and oranges, but vegetables and inorganic stuff into the mix.

I have actually been able to transfer a Conan Exiles character from one database to another using SQL, have you? Cause we are talking about Conan Exiles here, not Minecraft.

Server Merge Info - Conan Exiles

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O.O so source — > destination means the source is being removed or is fine? if 1725 is source and 1732 (i think thats what it was) is the destination how does this affect my stuff?

Source of character will be moved to destination anything left behind will be consider deletef. Put as much stuff on your character as you can.

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G-portal is a business with outdated software or technology. You do a lot of nitpicking huh.


So no response/input/update from funcom aside from saying it was paused what two weeks ago now? Wow just wow.


So like 3 weeks and no communication. Guess someone thinks that’s acceptable at Funcom.


Well no mergers for all of April it looks like for NA. At this rate it’ll probably be june or later.

I have been following this very closely due to the amount of stuff I got in limbo right now.

As @LordKAA pointed out, they are moving a bit more slowly with region by region and it’s probably due to the amount of pain each is and potential issues that can arise. I prefer this method as any ETA that is outside of 3 weeks is guessimating and probably will be pushed back so might as well leave it open until it has more reality backing the date. Plus it leaves the servers open for us that can funnel stuff out at a much slower pace which means less work for them.


They should remove the encumbrance limit for all servers that are getting merged. All my stuff has been ready to go for months. I don’t see any reason I should not be able to transfer now.


We asked this and the transfers they do are not the same as us doing it. If they reworked the standard transfer for us in the limbo of trimming, it would be also for everyone else as well because the game, itself, would have to be changed. I am imagining that these trimming transfers are done via manipulation of the data tables and not so much in the game so that encumberance isn’t a concern.

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It’s 4-22 and it’s quiet. The merge dates are still blank. Guess we wait for 4-28.

An update.


It’s a bit much this wait really and like I said before its not very professional or customer focused given it was unwanted by players.

Your continued patience and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

So when is it time to get impatient?