Funcom botched server trimming

Honestly, what a bloody mess.

First Funcom announces a date that servers will be merged and the enitre server gets locked out, no transfers, no character creation.
Then suddenly the announcement is gone, without any explanation and you can make transfers to and from the server and create characters again.
Then a new date pops up and the enitre server gets locked out … again …
And then that date disapears without any explanation and you can transfer and create characters … again …

Honestly, what the hell? I’ve seen people who were never on our server create characters, grab all the stuff from the decayed bases of my friends, who are waiting for the transfer that is constantly being postponed, and take off with all the hard work which they did NOTHING for. And the worst thing is, Funcom, you MADE them leave that stuff behind. Because you told them they couldn’t bring it, so now someone else is bringing it. What is this? Russia in 1917? This is wrong and you guys really mishandled this. For shame.


Hehehe, an interesting parallel… :slight_smile:

But yup, they blew chunks on this one.
They’re blowing chunks with the base policy enforcement stuff too!

The worst part about both these issues is that neither of them take a whole lot of imagination or brain power to avoid. That seems strange when one considers all of the planning, organization, and imaginative thinking which go into creating a game of this scale and beauty. It’s almost like whoever created it is no longer working there or something and it’s been handed off to…, bureaucrats?


I have 2 servers out of the 3 that I play that are to be merged, I have those characters packed, except for a mount that I will back the night before, just waiting to go. I am in limbo on those 2 servers as I do not want to finish the bases or level thralls that I can not take with me. On one of those servers most of the players have just let their bases decay so this constantly moving target of a merge date is hurting the players.


I’m in the exact same position. This event of migrating server is the most harmful thing I have experience (except when I got raided by undermeshers) in this game.

So frustrating not know that I’m losing 55 geared and max levled thralls, mats for around 2k t3 foundations. The spot I was building on is taken on the other server.

First of the should have checked if they were able to check if they COULD transfer, before they started with this mess (A small test group or whatever).
Second they should increase the ability to carry stuff atleast by 5! For say a week before move day, so people could pack up more stuff before they go. 200 slots or whatever it is in inventory, is not even close to enough for me - As a solo player!

We are on the receiving end of the Merge. Our server has seen every goof, weirdo, lowlife, scuzzball and muppet over the last few weeks as people boot up their alts for a snoop. This is bad bad bad.


Y’know it’s funny, same boat but a lot less traffic. Other server was a disaster, like the epitome of foundation spam from several clans at that. One clan from the other server decided to move over to ours early and were quelled pretty quickly with that foundation spam nonsense; they tried, oh they tried and were pretty mad about the consequence too!


The other server has been repeat-wiped by similar sweepers as who tried to hit us. Same pattern: a pair logs in at 8:30 server time – chain attack bases until end of raid with hopes of cleaning out stashes past 11 when raid ends – and then goes to hide in the mesh.


I noticed that when the server I’m on was unlocked a strange building appeared close to my base with a borderline racist clan name. Strange that some new players decided to make their way to my base, only as if they were gearing up to raid. Little do they know I’m not about to give up anything to anybody. Right before my server closes, I’m going to bury myself with my riches like a Pharoah and be done with this game.


I have a weird feeling they won’t be able to figure out the issue and they will just close the servers regardless and all will be lost. Just a feeling but it wouldn’t surprise me

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What happened to the migration? is it done or not? this is already a tease.

Nah I don’t think that is the issue as much as stopping the process when issues arise. You can plan for an entire year behind a desk and compile the code 17 different ways…and still get critical errors when you launch because there is always something missed. It’s a Nirvana situation if you get a massive revision like this trimming project to go without a hitch. We shouldn’t be too harsh when they stop the process when hitting a snag…unless everyone that has stake in this transfer is fine with loosing it all including their character because of impatience. Yes it’s annoying to just sit and wait while things are getting fixed but I would rather get these fixed than just continue on. Now that they are opening up server transfers as these things are getting delayed, so that means you can get some stuff out being a bit more clever.

This could be a reality. I hope they just open up transfers and pick some deadline in July or something if that is the case. Allow us to transfer stuff out ourselves would be the alternative and just keep the hard deadline.


@Mayra updated us three days ago. That’s the current last word. The servers without any date in the row are on an indefinite waiting list it seems.

I don’t think it’s harsh to call balls and strikes. And if they didn’t know pitching toward 3rd base was going to be called a strike I dunno what to say. On the merges it was a strike but they pitched in the right direction at least - and acted sportsman like when it was called. With the policy enforcement not only are they pitching to third base, but they’re doing it from outside the ballpark somewhere in the parking lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Knowing my luck, it will be tomorrow that they clock back into a schedule so I can’t even get one transfer out.

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Well, you already paid your money :smiley:

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Interesting, so what did you guys do about it?

You’d think that they would try the process first with one or two servers before making big announcements and taking grand measures. Seems to me someone was asleep behind the wheel.

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Yeah, maybe. At least they didn’t botch their remedy by saying “oh well” and forcing everyone through a potentially broken process. So credit where credit is due I guess. It’s kind of a bummer for people who acted diligently to the announcement. I mean those are the people who actually care about their virtual things and they’re the ones getting hit. :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO what they should do at this point is list the servers tagged for shutdown so people will know what not to try and join - add that information to the Server Message Of The Day: “This Server Will Shut Down Permanently on 4/25/2022 - Please choose another server for normal play - Thank you. → Link to List” . Tell everyone on those servers that they have a month to get out. And then just shut them down. Players in a clan of two or more can get ALL of their stuff out under the current system without FC modification. And then FC can decide if they wanna allow 1-man clans and singles to transfer with the encumbrance thing - on their own.

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You know the funny thing is, the last time I brought that up to the table in a diskussion about pvp, I was lectured that officials aren´t that bad and toxic anymore because of the tos. So practially they are telling me I am just nuts and making things up. But now that the same thing is happening on pve too, just without bombs, but with decay instead, all of a sudden the situation on official servers for people changed from good to worse, while in reality it was always worse, just people did not want to see it because it didn´t effected them personally until recently. You can always say somebody is lying or making stuff up, if you know it isn´t gonna affect you.

I do not like that people are loosing month and years of work on their servers, I feel for everybody who lost their base and thralls this way and Funcom is to blame for that for the most part. On the other side I have to say that all of this could have been prevented by people if they would have been more aknowledgable of whats going on on official pvp instead of playing the “ignore” card because it doesn´t affected them and had prepared accordingly. If you play long enough you know that things with Funcom always go wrong terribly one way or another and that people will abuse the situation for their own good.

It is beyond my understanding why people are always think bad things only happen on pvp. Every bug, every abuse, every imbalance is affecting EVERYBODY who is playing the game, no matter if pvp, pve, pve-c, officials, singleplayer or private.


I think it’s a different issue tho isn’t it?

In PvP we expect our bases to be offline raided under the current rule set. We expect that there will server hoppers scooping up the loot and skipping town. The new rule set creates a sort of “Server Wars” scenario - so like it or not, we knew what to potentially expect.

For PvE no such expectations were ever formulated. The exploiters are fudging the system. One has the look of purposeful intent, the other looks like a few opportunists taking advantage.


The exploiters do not care about game mode. That you can believe me. I have seen so many pve exploiters over the years, its not better then pvp, its just different. Its people that make the mistake to think, if stuff gets exploited on pvp its bad, if it gets exploited on pve its not harmful to the server or others, therefore it looks like it is no big deal. People downgrad problems to their liking but this only works as long as the outcome is in their favour.

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