How to Report players

Hey there!
First of all thank you for all your effort! This is a great game and I’ll probaly never going to get bored of it!!
But obviously this game still need some love and a lot of fix…
actually on an xbox official server we got some issue with some players who are blocking the spawn of various resources nodes, like silver, brimstone and iron… and they’re trying to close the way to the well of skelos…
is there a way to report those pleyers and let everybody enjoying the game?
Thank u,
you’re making an incredible good job!!!

I’m not sure how it works on Xbox. Hell, I don’t even know how it works on PC! But if this option does not seem to exist, just write a support ticket to Funcom and I’m sure that if the feature exists they will get annoyed and tell you all about how to find the feature.

After that, you can always push the envelope and say it’s not clear enough but at that point you will already have your answer, so…

FunCom do not offer any support on official servers so there is no need to report players regardless of their actions. If you want a server which would police these issues then you need to find a private server with an active admin.