Hyena Crashes game?

Game was running perfectly fine until I finished raising my first hyena. Every time I bring it to a fight and hit something a few times it crashes the game. Problem goes away when im by myself or with a thrall. Very confused by this. Worried I should get rid of my hyenas so they don’t crash my game in the middle of a purge. Really hope the other animals aren’t like this.

Im playing the PS4 version on a PS5 and they are Yamatai hyenas if either of these things could have an effect.

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Welcome to the Forum You should report this to Zendesk information in introductory section.

Where is that and how do I get to it? I have no idea how to use this forum and thought this was the apropriate channel to report this. Im kinda freaking out right now because another hyena seemed to work fine but suddenly started bugging out again. Long story short when I load the game up he is right ontop of a crocodile, bites it and the game crashes before i can do anything. So my game is basically broken.

The question here is whether it crashes the game or kicks you from the server. Any server or player issues go to the zendesk. Now as far as I know, game crashes themselves are part of the bug report group in this forum (anything that is consistently odd, annoying, that-can’t-be-right).

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