I can't build anywhere after the purge

Platform: PS5
Server: PvE - C 3052 EU

After the purge i can not build anywhere, not only in the base where the purge happened, but in all the island. Everytime i tried the following message pop up " during a purge you can’t build".

I tried to login out and than log in again, disconnect, close the game. I waited for all the night to pass, bus still i can not build anymore.

I checked where the purge camp spawned, there isn’ lt anything left.

Hmm strange I did purges yesterday and today I was able to build normally, didnt try building on the same day as the purge though. Will try again tomorrow.

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Did you manage to build again? Here it stopped again… I have no doors and the purge can’t build its base… this new purge system is a mess

Tested again today and I was able to build normally after purge, dont have a clue what could be causing the problem.

Did 4 purges in a row and tried to build in between and after no problem, must be something that could go qrong with the purge but not every time or for everyone.

Hi guys, I can’t say why, but during some tests yesterday removing the bracelet made the game return to normal.

May be server connection related

I use singleplayer to test things out, but i didn’t trigger a purge. I don’t even have a coffer and never had! Cause i didn’t like this change in the first place.
But i‘m also not able to expand my base. I can built somewhere else, but building parts don‘t snap in on my alteady existing building parts.
And since i play single player as i said, it has nothing to do with servers.

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