I can't change the settings of my dedicated CE server as admin?

Hi. I’m new to CE but not entirely new to running a dedicated server. MY problem is that, once I have launched the server and joined it, I cannot edit it’s settings even after logging in as admin. what am i doing wrong? I can join it and play test on it just fine. It lists just fine. But I’m unable to change a thing but the difficulty setting under the server settings tab. Thanks in advance.


You have to close and reopen the menu interface once you have entered the admin password, then you get access to adjusting all the options.

You could also enter the password through console by pressing ~ button and typing MakeMeAdmin password and then go to the menu interface.

And finally, you simply download, edit and upload back the settings.ini file through FTP. That gives you even wider options.

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Normally (single player) when you ask changes as admin you need to log out and log in. Online you need a server restart as well.

Oh, that makes sense. Thank you so much :slight_smile: I won’t be needing ftp, this thing is sitting in a spare room. I repurpose and upgrade machines out of boredom or need sometimes. Is there a “example” serversettings.ini file here somewhere that goes into some of the more odd-sounding entries and their definitions? Awesome, login name btw :slight_smile: Again, thanks, friend :smiley:

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