I have a tiny idea for the epic instances

I have stolen an idea from another player for those epic instances in low level areas. :smile: You know, like White Sands or Noble District of Tarantie and other such places. Funcom could either add or turn all epic instances into Unchained single player instances with some kind of good loot which can be changed at a merchant for social armor, rings, gems or whatever. Just like the Atlantean shards or those tokens from Onslaught. For example if you travel from Tortage to White Sands, you can chose if you want to enter it normal or epic mode. And here we should have the option to chose between normal/epic/unchained. Unchained should be for single player Lvl 80. Would be a great reason to visit the low level maps again questing there and would add a lot of content woth almost no investment for Funcom. Even better would be if they could add an unchained instance for solo players and one for groups. But lets not ask too much.

How about giving the option to do unchained group level 80 instances too. instead of all of them being the level range of what zone they are in. Like a level 80 black castle unchained, level 80 The Maze unchained, ect, ect.

That would be great. Sure. A bit similar to Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel update back in 2016. But yeah. Bethesda/Zenimax invested the money and saved the game. Zhis could be a gamechanger for AoC aswell.

There is nobody in that company who is interested to save this game. Game is in maintenance mode and there is not 1 developer left, who can understand the old code. Just enjoy it like it is now, until they will shut it down.

They know the codes. This is a simple excuse that they dont know the codes and dont understand them. The game isnt written in an Alien language. This is just a weak excuse because they are lazy and greedy and want to put effort into Conan Exiles. Because in CE they release a trashy cosmetics DLC and ask 15 USD for it. And everyone is buying it.

“They know the codes.” There is your first mistake, no, they don’t. And that is not me just being sarcastic, there is really no one left at Funcom who has any idea on how the game works.

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If they dont know the codes, how can they implement new content into the game just like Onslaught just a few years ago…? Guys, cmon. Dont be naive. “We dont know the codes” is the laziest excuse I’ve ever heard from any game developer.

In fact, when they released SG, they broke several dungeons, where the entrance wall doesn’t disappear after the fight and/or you’re stuck in combat forever. :grimacing:

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Mousagana made SG and Kuth, but he left the company before it was completely done. Then Funcom moved some Conan exiles devs to just do the finishing touches. And like Yawgmoth said, they managed to break stuff in the game by just polishing SG.

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But as we all can see, they have the code. They are just incompetent. But lets be honest. Conan Exiles was and still is a far bigger mess than Age of Conan ever was.

conans code is a nightmare. Remember some interview that slith? posted where some old employee said its all spaghetti in terms of formatting and explaining what sequences of code does. this is probably because they were under pressure and stress making this game.

Im not a coder but I can imagine this complicate the process of coming in fresh trying to decipher it all. But I also agree with you that its convinient for the CEO to say this. With time and money you could definitely sort it out

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This makes sense. But honestly this money they should rather invest in a new AoC MMORPG with a better graphics, similar combat, brutality, sex, great dungeon and raid mechanics as we have now and full of the good old Robert E. Howard Hyboria lore. In 5-6 years they could have a great Age of Conan 2.

And no, MMORPGs are not dead and wont die soon. They will get better because A.I. will make them better. A.I. will make conversations in MMORPGs sound natural instead of a scripted text and after you have done the quest for this NPC, it does not have to say anything else. Instead, in the future A.i. will add much more different answers and ways how to finish a quest and A.I. will be able to generate daily quests for different NPC. NPCs will have their A.O. generated daily routines instead of just standing around somewhere waiting for the player to pick up their quest like now in Age of Conan.

The future of MMORPGs is brighter than ever and Funcom could use this and will use this at some point. It is just a question if they will be among the pioneers of A.i: gaming or if they will wait 10 years till many other developers develope such games and then jump on the hype train as they did with Conan Exiles and jumped on the Survival train as survival games were already well established.

I shouldnt have thrown you a bone. Now you’re back at the grand plans that Funcom is gonna go 180 degrees and invest in this game cos we talk about it on the forums. For your own sake, give it a rest m8 :smiley:

:joy: To late. Let me dream a bit.

MMOs are a dead genre. The only ‘decent looking’ MMo due out in the future is Ashes of Creation and people already hate it.

Too much time investment required to play MMOs and people nowadays have the attention span of butterflies.

they can put AI to understand the code… just saying :stuck_out_tongue:
Funcom likes excuses as i like burgers :stuck_out_tongue:

MMOs are dead. True. Over a million players on first day of Amazons trash MMO New World. It is not the players fault Amazon loves quality as Funcom does. Elder Scrolls Online has more players than ever. SWTOR has still over 100.000 players daily and is a 12 years old game.

Guys, please stop this “MMOs are dead” bullshit. MMOs will never die because humans are social animals. With MMos it is like with social media. They change over time but they never die. Or with taverns and bars. You can buy food and alcohol in every grocery store but bars still exist for thousands of years. Because humans love to socialize. In real and in the virtual world.

MMOs are doing fine, he’s just talking about himself.

Sadly the MMOs doing fine are not really the ones I want to play but that’s a personal issue.

Keep telling yourself that. A ‘Million people"’ at a launch is hardly indicative of the genre flourishing. People always flock to a new game at launch and then the majority quickly realize they don’t like the new shiny and go back to their regularly scheduled programming.

I have no plans to buy into any Kickstarter as I tend to wait for any game to launch before bothering with it and I don’t expect anything from that company.

Will I try ashes of creation? Yes if it launches in my lifetime. and I’m sure a ‘million people at launch’ will as well, but I’m sure most of those players won’t stick around longer than a few weeks. Like I said, butterflies.

@biglouis don’t you have a boring and outdated dungeon to run in an obsolete game? Go get that t6 :wastebasket: boy

What you did describe now is the case with literally every game. Yeah, at release most people buy it. Doesnt matter if it is a multiplayer- or singleplayer game. Some like it, some dont. But it sold and made Funcom money. If Funcom is smart enough and adds new content from time to time, Funcom will keep earning on this one game for years.