I made a QR code with building materials!

I made a QR code with building materials! This is a birthday present for my friend.

  • There is no MOD because it is a PS version. It’s a private server.

Create 21pillars squares with columns spaced 1/4 of the ceiling apart.

Replace the pillar and change it to white and black.

Create. However, as it is, the black is thin and there is no quiet zone, so it will not read.

So I put it on a white background image and made the black darker, and the QR code was recognized with Google Lens!

Readable text is “祝ブロッコ誕!”in Japanese.

  • If Japanese fonts are not included, an error string will occur.

The meaning is “祝” = celebration. “ブロッコ” = brocco, this is my friend’s name. “誕” = Abbreviation for birthday.