[IC] Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka

“This thread is for everyone to share what’s going on in his or her character’s life at the moment. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. The intention is not to write an interactive story but just take a snapshot of Rubi-Kan life.” -Dabblez
Source: Continuation of post by Agentcora on the Rubi-Ka Buzz in the old AO forums. Based on the previous Rimor and Atlantean ic threads.


A tiny opifex quietly works her way through an old Shadowlands fortress, glancing at a hand-held scanner and peering into the darkness as she squeezes past more rubble.

“Where are you, where are you…” she chants quietly, adjusting the scanner sensor once more until it gives a low ping as she points it towards the far N-NE corner of the chamber.

“There you are!” she cautiously inspects the area before dropping her backpack and kneeling by the old communications array…


The other two women, as nameless as she, had gone in separate directions. She couldn’t really have picked a better piece of serendipity. This contract was almost over, had been over ever since she’d soaked the dress with the drink and let it join the shimmering blue-grey over the edge, but she had chosen to give gratis the last few many minutes and sensations of the skewed world above the great ocean of realities. How lucky.

Now, Fish stood above the edge again, a cupped hand to her face and her breath on it. She crouched on the edge and lay the spirit down, looking over the edge into the waters beyond the Brink. “That was good, Bethany,” she said, listening to the gentle dripping of condensed water from the rocks above into the water that was and wasn’t water.

“I’m happy to have served.” She watched the spirit, grown thin with her and now diluting into a mist or gas. But it regretted the choice a little, still, that persistent (sometimes irritating) spark of need and desire to stay. “Find the best things as you might. I’ll keep watch on your matters. I’ll remember you. I’ll paint you again.”

Fish listened as the mist rose, like a thin corded bracelet, halfway up to her waist. She walked backward three steps and left it to waver, then fall upon itself like a drop of water. Fish shook her head with finality, arms crossed behind her back. “Farewell, Bethany. Courage.”

The spirit swirled hesitantly at first, then flowed away. Fish remained.