Icon of Zath temple is missing or wrong

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: ALL
Server Type: ALL
Map: both
Server Name: ALL
Mods: NONE

Bug Description:

The icon of the Zath temple are the same like Mitra temple.

Bug Reproduction:

Built Zath temple and compare it with the icon of Mitra temple.

its the same from mitra, they changed to ray of light from blue to pink and not set a decent icon for zath.sad.

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I like Conan a lot and follow the game many years. In my opinion Funcom create a huge fantasy universum. The new age of sorcery bring us new content and a new marketing system. I hope that Funcom realize the balance of prize and quality of items.
In the case of Zath there are lore missing and seperate priest spawn points. I hope their is more love for their game in future.

Change of ray of light is a beginning, but there was more to do:

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