Illegal building constructions and Avatar Summoning re-enabled - Feedback and questions thread

I don’t know if this has been answered, but how about some tools for admins on PC and console? I would like to be able to knock down a base with a command or whatnot. My favorite implementation is ark with the admin gun. But someway to help keep servers clean.

Also make it so we have the option to lock and unlock doors and chests in pve. I understand chests in pvp, but I think in pve it would be helpful. Especially for rp servers and whatnot. Thanks @Ignasis!


Shift + Delete

True. And if it’s a big base, you use it like this:

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You mean it has to be a big base and not like, 4 buildings in the dev kit, in order for me to make machine gun noises and pretend to be Rambo? Right…right…I knew that…

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I tryed to use them but they have a problem: the game don’t recognize that wooden fence to be connected in any way you can place them, so they have a very low decay timer, they don’t share it with a building (3 sides fences, one side the building: they still have their own decay timer) and you have to do go around all the fences to be sure to refresh it :sweat_smile:

There’s no mention anywhere of vaults or underwater structures being affected. So no, they’re not targeted.

This is one of the main applications we’ve seen of this extra socket in fence foundations and it caused a lot of troubles regarding performance. Which is why it made it also very useful in defense situations. Apologies for the destruction, but we had to do something about it.

Token timers will not be able to be cheesed either once the next patch hits live. You can check the full patch notes here.


That is not what it’s going to happen. Please check the announcement here.


You can check them out here.

On PC and Xbox (with a keyboard plugged) you can destroy a cluster of pieces as an admin by aiming in their general direction and press Shift + Delete, or Ctrl + Shift + Del for increased radius. You can also look at one of the pieces, open the console command and type in BuildingIdentify. Then write down the building ID listed in the input console and type in BuildingDestroy <id>, where <id> is the number you got from the previous command.


Well I have peace of mind now, so long as pieces attached to this “Illegal” fortification technique don’t get deleted like the regular foundations, my old defenses should remain. I do not envy you other Alpha leaders in more active PvP servers though, especially if you have hostile tribes at your gates daily. I have seen the vids on console.


I don’t think you understand what I am trying to say … the patch mentions tokens on pets will go poof but what about the tokens that are sat in fridges already ? Mainly Jhabal sag that was crafted before he was nurfed and only cost 1blood for 20zeals …

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Problem - Console. I know console admins would like some tools to help run the servers.

What about ps4? I know it’s unfortunate that Sony can’t get off their butts and make the PS4 better equipped, but having some sort of tool or code would be fantastic :grin: @Ignasis

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Those will remain until used or some enemy clan comes take care of them.

Our team has been considering adding some extra admin tools to PS4 players, either enabling keyboard support like in Xbox or any other solution that could give admins on that platform those extra tools available in other platforms. We’re still in early stages of that conversation, though, as we’re currently focused on adding fixes to the game.

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Trying but people keep crashing our server !

Once the patch hits live on Monday, it’s highly likely we won’t enable Gods straight away, but offer a time buffer so people can prepare accordingly (one or two days). This way, hopefully, you’ll have a couple of days to get your defenses up and target any potential threats until Ragnarok day comes :slight_smile:


Highly likely :woman_facepalming: But thank you gives peace of mind other than relying on the person with the fastest internet to pop protection :joy:

And what do you mean by ragnarok, because to me that sounds like a wipe of servers :face_with_monocle:.

Ragnarok is the cataclysmic destruction of the cosmos and everything in it – even the gods

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No, it’s a bunch of bad things happening, the world flooding, and a bunch of gods dying. The world goes on after it. Some gods survive, and some human survivors repopulate the world.

Yeah, kind of like what i am doing on my private server… I am wiping everything except your level and recipes. Start anew for most.

That would be great! I know you got your hands full with all this stuff, and I’m sure people don’t make it easy, but that would help out alot! Thanks for the feedback though @Ignasis and keep us updated when you can!

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@Ignasis Thanks for the clarifications.
So fence foundations inside actual foundation blocks will be destroyed.

I’m on PS4 so can’t check the test live server

What about fence foundations in between foundation blocks?

Say I have a 4 base foundation blocks in a 2x2 grid. Then between the base foundation blocks are a total of 4 fence foundations. Not inside a specific foundation block but between each pair of two different foundation blocks. Ultimately forming a + between the 4 blocks. So a total of 4 blocks and 4 fence foundations. Legal or illegal?

Should be fine

ETA: Checked for you. It is fine.

I made the grid without foundation pieces in it so it’s easy to visualize:

and with foundation pieces:

This is all done on the TestLive client, ie with the new building placement rules. And I believe that anything you can build from new on TestLive should also survive whatever will happen on Monday (though obviously I’m in no position to guarantee any of that).