Illegal building constructions and Avatar Summoning re-enabled - Feedback and questions thread

Hey everybody,

Please take a moment to read the updated announcement about this upcoming fix:

You can send us your feedback and questions in this thread and we’ll try to answer them as well as we can. As always, please keep our Community Guidelines in mind when sending us your feedback and interacting with other members of our community.
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Thanks for your feedback and support.

25-06-19: Patch is out on PC:


Speaking for me, being not native english language, the new annoucement is really much clear (and so less scary :sweat_smile: ) than the original :+1::+1::+1:

Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:


I did a quick test with the TestLive build yesterday, and at first sight it appears that my Live servers build will be unharmed. Of course I can’t know that for sure, since it’s (unfortunately!) not possible to export one’s official server build to TestLive or SinglePlayer for testing directly. (hmm… now where’s that Suggestions subforum…).

I’ll do a more thorough test when I get the time - which should be possible since the patch has been pushed back a bit.

I should add that I have absolutely no reason to suspect my build would not be okay from an ethical point of view - it’s legit in every way as far as I know. But still, I know I am not the only one who has been spooked by this patch.


Turning summoning back on while there are still coins sat in fridges that have either been duplicated or created while the zeal’s were really easy to get is not fair … yes we can protect with a bubble for now but there tokens do not have timers on making them glitched… 3500 hours on the game and lost more progress to funcoms mistakes than any tribe ! Please take any tokens already made out of the game


Funcom: “We see that some users continue to fu©k up the servers, and we will provide them with more time in order to put the final nails into the Official server’s coffins, as we want to get rid of them”.

I saw a lot of bad management in my live, but nothing as the Funcom’s one. They are just a role model of how to ruin the user’s experience. :smiley:


Two questions.

  1. In the TestLive version on Steam, Source Input is disable. Meaning no controllers work now. It worked before the patch on TestLive, is controller disabling intention on PC or was that an oops?

  2. Every time the server starts up, it goes through ever single structure deleting a piece, doing a count, then putting the first one back. You can see this in the log file. As a result every time you start up the server, if you have a lot of buildings it can take 5 minutes.

For a server that is not to bad, but single player… ugh… I tried TestLive in single player and anytime I started single player the process I describe is happening. It would take about 8 minutes were you are stuck at the loading screen.

My system specs are:
Intel Core i9 9900K (8-Core/16-Thread, 16MB Cache, Overclocked up to 4.7GHz across all cores). 32 gig of RAM and SSD. If it took 8 minutes on that… ouch for spinning disk or any slower system.

I’ve seen this type of database approach before. This is very much a MS Access type of approach. SQLite is a SQL database. Meaning you can do better queries. Why not just do a query on the table were count is > 1 and fix those. IO is the fastest way to slow down any computer, should be avoided when possible. :slight_smile:

Exactly… we can not even manage to rid the server of these glitched tokens because every time you try raid them they crash the server… I have no problem legitimately grinding out zeal’s for protection but when those coins can just be summoned straight away without even warning on the event log of it been crafted I don’t even think people will bother…


sorry one more question as the post on Steam is a little confusing.

In the post on steam:

With the above in mind, we’ve decided to reschedule the launch of this fix on Monday, June 24th 2019as well as giving you all an extended chance to test if this fix and its wipe is going to affect your constructions.

But further down you say:

Please note that the version of the fix present in Testlive is not the final one, as we’ve just added the part that could affect honest constructions the most. In particular, we’ve reworked the way fence foundations can be placed and which sockets they have available.

Do you plan on releasing this code that could effect honest constructions before the 24th to TestLive? After all your giving us more time to test, but how can we test if we don’t have the complete patch?

I think what that means is that the script that will be run on official server databases is not being run on TestLive. So basically the retroactive fixing will not take place. That is, however, just a guess.

Can you (Funcom) create a video showing exactly what you mean with the structures or at the least “approve” a video that someone else has created so that we have clarity…real clarity?

I"m not a super-user and can only guess at what your talking about when you use words like “edge case scenarios” or " Overlapping structures (that is, structures that SHARE THE SAME, COMPLETE SPOT IN SPACE) will be merged and combined into one." I have ideas of what that means and so do others since there a many many different ideas floating around about what this means.

Words are good… a picture is worth a 1,000 words…a video is worth a 1,000 pictures… and would stop a lot of the guessing and confusion.

Can’t wait to see that official video showing exactly what’s illegal, thanks for the clarity :slight_smile:


One, will this patch affect unofficial servers, now or in the future? That would include single player and privately maintained servers, now or in the future.

Two, can you skin a fence foundation on to a foundation? For instance, I might choose to put a Stonebrick fence foundation over a Reinforced Stone square foundation because the aesthetic looks better.

I would like to second Thaminox’s suggestion for some pix about what is anticipated to be fine and what it is supposed to remove. Here is a pic of a foundation wrapped with fence foundations.


What’s the point of haveing gods on pvec or pve or can you summon them i see the beems but nerver try to sommon one and fix the decaying system or reset the servers every 6 mouths or do like rust does have it cost resources to maintain your base or it will decay it would stop these big clans from building big bases with no consequences or randomly place foundations so no can build on the server

Do you mean avatars?


On Testlive there’s the part that could affect normal constructions, which is fence foundations in a cross.
Here are some screenshots that showcase what we mean by cross formation (excuse my fantastic Paint skills):
For what matters, this other formation will not be possible since it relies on the same socket. To the best of our knowledge, this placement rule is also on Testlive:
fence%20no fence%20no3
The rest of the fix targets overlapping pieces. It is not available on Testlive to test, but it’s easy to explain. Basically, two pieces into each other looking like one. No need of a screenshot.
The pieces that could bring some destruction are the ones we shared screenshots above and that are available on Testlive right now.


Yeah I did a slightly more thorough test on TestLive last night, and I am not too worried for myself any more. While the retroactive deletion of illegal structures for obvious reasons isn’t available there, I’ll say that if what is currently buildable on TestLive can be counted on to remain legal post-patch, then normal builds should not be affected by this patch at all.

The only thing I could maybe see would be the crossed/offset fence foundations - while I haven’t used them myself (PvE doesn’t really need them) I can understand why one might think that was a legal construct. Or at least I’d be willing to give benefit of the doubt to those that used them. Just like the Vathis debacle, once the game client prevents their use it’s going to be obvious that you’re not supposed to do it, but it wouldn’t necessarily have been obvious until then.


Hmmm, I will have to look post-patch whether or not this affects the Pythagoras steel beam mod, because the steel beams behave much like fence foundations…

They’re fine. I could go into a long story and describe the socket process and how overlap boxes and blahdy blah, but basically, the support beams don’t use the Fence Foundations as a parent. Thus, unaffected. Even if they were, I would be all over that, trust me.

<---- P.S. , I’ve got some goodies lined up for the next update, once I hear back from Sunday.


Good to read that, thank you very much :smiley:

Honestly I used illegal case like the one presented by @Ignasis just because I made few fences for my pets built with fence foundations.

It was unintended to use crossed foundation or overlapping etc… it was just they was the only position the system let me place that pieces.

I hope the new patch will fix once and for all this problem making more simple to build just a regular square of fence foundations to use it as fence for pets. (Google translator it’s not helping me, really “fence” it’s the name of the single piece but also of the entire stucture containing animals ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)