This may affect *you*

Not at all, we play on official server #1038 PvE-Conflcit.

When I started to play I tryed PvP on a private server, for 3 months I tryed than I quitted, I can’t suffered to lose all my things and I can’t suffered to lose all my things without a single battle in 3 months just because our clan cannot be online until 23 o’clock because we work in the morning.
I’m glad you enjoy the game, but for me, a PvP allowing to raid offline clan’s bases is meaningless.

Than I quitted until I discovered the existence of PvE-Conflict, I continued to play this time in official servers for 11 months just because they said official server will never wiped out again.

Honestly I can agree with the frustration of the new ones in servers currently dominated by cheaters and exploiters… But I feel rage against the players who allowed this situation.

When we started even 1038 was like this, with blocks, exploiters etc., we made alliances, we occupied all the land when a block is decayed building arcs and bridges, we had wars, we killed, we buried alive in their base those trolls and we driven out of our server those peoples.

@Kanza1 knows what I mean, being one of the new generation of Alpha clans on server #1038 continuing every day this battle because we TAKE CARE of the server being a playable place for all players.

I lost the counter of each times newbies asked me if I was an admin, because essentially doing this required us to play like an admin but without the power of an admin.

I’m angry and sad, so excuse me, but the ones who want wipe outs are in most of the case players never wanted to do anything against trolls and exploiters, just waiting for Funcom clean their homes instead of doing that by themself.

So please don’t tell me I don’t understand the situation: the situation is there are a lot of trolls, cheaters and exploiters and I never saw a ban, the situation is there are a lot of little sloth kids doing absolutely nothing against these peoples but complaining like wheenie, and this solution will affect us, the only ones caring about. That’s the situation.


Well, it is not that we are collectively not sympathising, but what we are saying is that patches are a necessary part of any online game nowadays and there are always some effects that do suit everyone.

Based on the detailed stories above, I would strongly suggest a look at either getting a private server oneself (or with some friends) , or find a private server that suits needs better: a Lot of players have made this move so that they continue enjoying the game.

The reality in the end is that the Patch will be released as it positively addresses many exploits. FunCom have done their side of things by letting us know so we can prepare in whatever way we prefer.

I agree. If somehow, across the hundreds of global servers and machines and platforms, selective deletions of build-pieces and their refunding to our individual inventories would be lovely - though neither practical, possible or efficient.

To round off and complete my personal feedback to this query, I have personally lost massive builds several times to external issues. I love the game and have therefore stayed. If I hated it sufficiently, I am sure I would have written off any expenses and moved to some other game I felt better suited my needs.

(as an aside, I see that Testlive is testing the next big dungeon ‘Warmaker’s Champion in The Warmaker’s Sanctuary’ as well as further bug fixes, new loot and other fun stuff. Yay!) :cookie::cookie::cookie:


My english is not always so good (it’s an euphemism, my english is terrible I know it) so this happens every time and I’m sorry, my apologies, but you had miserunderstood me.

I’m favorable to this patch, I’m glad if they have found a fix for the building system.

Even without trolls, just another player who plays on our server, terrified, reported to us when he places a pillar the server crashes.

I can only imagine, if someone had understood how to obtain this, what terrible weapon in the arsenal of trolls this could be !

What I’m saying is : when something so important happens, how could be difficult to make things a little more user friendly than a simple “deal with it” message ?

Just to say:

  • A single image on the forum making clear what will be illegal with the patch

  • A temporary patch (wich could be removed when the fix will be released) to:

1- stop purges on official servers
2- giving back 100% materials when you destroy your own buildings

  • More complicated, I understand if they couldn’t, but it will be good to have FIRST the new patch with the debugged building system, to be sure rebuilding in legal way and THAN, after some days, the wipe out of illegal situations.

This way the impact of the new patch will be only to use our game-time to rebuild what we already had. Wich would be acceptable.

Being able to do that only in the next YEAR of play (same time we required first time we didi it) because we have to refarm all the hardened bricks and steel reinforcements, with the result of having half base open when the next purge will strikes us while we rebuild it would be not acceptable if you have a long time (and very big dimension) base.

Wich is not an unusual situation in PvE and PvE-Conflict official servers.

I hope you’re right, but the problem is the same: if I don’t demolish this things (and you’re wrong) = I don’t retake even the few materials I could take back, if I do and you was right I wasted a week end and my resources, just because we don’t have an official post of what will be illegal :cry:

Thanks you anyway for the response (the only one we had in 3/5 days before wipe out about it)


Since I read there is alot of confusion about what is/isn’t targeted, could anyone comment on this situation:

There are items deffinetly overlapping here. Yet to my knowledge statues have always had a bit “less strict” borders than building parts.


Extending the quiestion for carpets.

Carpets partially overlapping:

or pushing into the wall:

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I had same situation, and In that case I suggest you to take back carpets.

I don’t think they will be affected (but who knows ?), so just in case…

Be VERY carefull if/when you do it: take back first the one on top and continue this way because if you don’t you’ll lose carpets.


Apologies, B2A, but I do not understand this statement. Do you mean do not remove a carpet that is underneath another carpet?




when you take back a placeable, like a carpet, when another placeable is on it (like in that case another carpet), the one on top of the thing you retaked back will vanishes.

It’s the same things if you have a table with something placed on it, if you don’t take back in your hand first the things on top of the table, but you directly take back the table, you lose all things they was on it.

I hope my english is good enough to make this understandable, I don’t know how explain it better sorry :frowning:

EDIT for an example: in one of the screenshots by @Meo I see a carpet with a bed on it and pillows on the bed: the way to lose nothing is take back pillows first, than the bed than the carpet, if you take back first the carpet, bed and pillows will vanish.


I just sacrifised a chair to see it in person :slight_smile:

In my case most of the carpets are at least slightly overlapping. Also several are cutting into walls.
And most important: most of my stations (with t4 crafters) and immediate (valuable) storage units are on carpets.

So, in remote chance that those carpets are also a target, I will literally have to empty most of my buildings

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That makes me think one terrible thing, but honestly I almost sure they will not affected (because in that case it will be a disaster):

Maprooms, wheel of pain, altars, every big placeable (altars an wheel of pain how are considered anyway ?) are ALL of them partially compenetrating foundations / ceilings under them…

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Perfectly understandable, and answered my question. Thanks for taking the time @Born2bAlive :slight_smile:



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In current Test Live patch notes they stated that only fence foundations are considered. As long as no fence foundation is overlapping with any other building object, there should be no trouble. Same goes for fence foundations only attached on the side of a foundation or between the gaps of two. For example, I tested a case having on live with wedged foundations runnung trough a Jhebbal Sag altar. This is no issue on Test Live, too.


Excuse me, I just want to understand: are you saying this will be illegal:

But THIS will still be legal ?

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Yes, atleast this is what the notes says. It is still possible to have some fence foundations reach into other foundations but you can no longer excessively place them inside them nor can you cross fence foundations.


thanks you for the explaination @Ryu-Salazar :slight_smile:

Was wondering about some of these things myself so I built a base on one of the official test servers before the patch was deployed. I stacked chests, placed them on crafting stations, put a vault on ceiling tiles and overlapped anything and everything that came to mind.

I also wrapped some square foundations with fence foundations and some others with walls, placed fence foundations through square foundations, placed some foundations at offset heights using a doorway plus fence foundation, offset some ceiling tiles so that they overlapped into each other and various other things.

When the patch hit the only thing that poofed were fence foundations that intersected each other in a + shape. Even on those the square foundations they were in didn’t poof. Only the fence foundations themselves. Nothing else was affected. That said there were a few things that should have poofed imo but didn’t so there may be more tweaking/patching to come.

Now I certainly didn’t try every possible combination and way of overlapping things and what worked today may not work tomorrow or after the next patch or may be different for different people for whatever reason. But as it stands now I feel pretty safe in saying that unless you have fence foundations, that are supporting other pieces, intersecting with each other then you should be fine.

As an aside, unless I somehow missed this before, as things are on test right now, fence foundations will attach to square foundations both at the same level and at a slightly lower offset. Meaning you can easily make very small stepdowns between square foundations. May not be intended, may be patched out but I can think of several interesting building ideas using this.


the patch is today
anyone knows when?

Delayed on Monday 24th

Hey everybody,

We have updated the original announcement with some important information and clarification. Please give us a few moments of your time and read it fully here:

We have started a new thread to focus all feedback and questions here:

Please use it to discuss all things regarding this fix.
Proceeding to close this thread. Thanks for your patience and understanding :slight_smile:

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