Incoming hotfix "Removal of illegal structures in upcoming patch"

This patch will be released ON PC, TUESDAY June 18th 2019, and it will affect ALL OFFICIAL SERVERS .

In my opinion it’s a mockery, people have to wait 5 days more for that CRITICAL hotfix? for now server #1124 is constantly ddosing. It literally comes up, login, server crashes. Its barely up for a minute. Day by day, literally unplayable. A lot of people just left this game because of this crash its so annoying. Its funny because even now im sitting on teamspeak 3 with my friend and he told me server got crashed again by russian glitch clan. The true is conan exiles doesn’t have a large player base, if you want to keep any WAKE UP.


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This has nothing to do with DDOS, its about server stability and overlapping structure. This will have a huge affect on all PVE, PVE-C and PVP servers. The “crash the server” issue is what they are trying t o fix. There is a huge player base that is not even affected by this, but the hotfix will possibly destroy their structures also.


Will this affect fence foundations on the side of foundations?

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The information I have is this will not affect fence foundations against foundations. This is something I have used extensively in my builds.

I have even gone as far as to use fences to hold them above the gates as shown.


Not having your information, but i think this is specifically for fence foundations (or and wall) against foundations. I have “seen” enough to feel confident in that. Now fences against foundations are to be normal anti-climb building techniques, along with crenelation.

If it isn’t, then i will stand corrected, but also warn this won’t fix the reason they are having to do this.

There are YouTube vids that show ways to use them that are not intended. This is just one of many out there.

Crossing them and anything built with them as support is not as intended.

They are trying to minimize as much collateral damage as possible. 5 days should allow word of mouth to get out, along with a weekend to rebuild, relocate if you feel it will affect you. I commend them, as it seems they have tried everything to not do this quick fix. I am sure they looked at coding to fix why it would do what it did when you did x or x to the builds. But at some point, a decision had to be made, as it was spreading like wild fire.


Holy crackerjack. I need to watch more YouTube. I had no idea. Thanks for showing an example of what’s being talked about.

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Geez, is that really how PvP has been played? That looks tedious AF! :sweat:

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True that. I much prefer building my towns and QOL structures while only having to worry about the purge.

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Welp… this is my PvE build currently.

Gonna go ahead and guess the whole thing is going to come crashing down.
If this patch will ‘fix’ all the things I think it will then RIP creative building.


So fencing foundation on foundations is gonna be left alone? Has anyone heard iron clad from an admin etc this is true. I have alot of buildings that I did this with. Also I hope they dont drop the ball on this and it has been tested vigorously to not break not only my hard work but others as well. Thankful to not be part of the master race on this one. Pc players are the real hero’s

Is there any word on whether walls placed against foundations will be removed? Lathariel described the technique (place walls in a square, and then place the foundation in the center). I use it for the aesthetics (I don’t like how exposed foundation sides look), but I will go ahead and delete the walls rather than lose the edges of my buildings.


Fencing and Fence Foundations are 2 different things. And that is where we are all in the dark on. Fencing (and crenelations) seem to be okay and will not be affected. Fence foundations seem to be where the glitching is causing issues.

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This is fine. The issue is with fence foundations being placed in an unintended fashion. Secondly, this will clear an issue that causes server crashes.

Thank god.

Funcom finally got round to fixing the last exploit…

I guess that my base will be ok, but just to make sure…
My base is surrounded by a wall made of fence foundations, 1 single fence foundation thick, but 2 fence foundations on top of each other to make the wall a bit higher.
I know I could have made the wall using foundations, but I kinda like the aesthetic of having a thinner but still fairly strong defense wall :slightly_smiling_face:

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with respect to this new update.

hello, this affects the structures that are built inside of the mapping, there are people who build inside buildings of the game itself.

I really hope so, maybe they will make anything below a certain point on the map count as overlap thus bye bye undermesh!