I'm going to assume this goes here

I’m not sure how to start this off. I’ve never had to really advertise looking for role-play before…well maybe once in a lifetime, but that was on another platform.

Generally speaking, I am very new to playing mmo’s or how ever you would lable this game. However, I see it’s potential use for rp viewing Twitch Channels like this one: Metamancer

While using voice for rp would generally be new for me, I’m not totally opposed to it; being that it seems very close theater play in a 3d environment.

To be true my rp experience comes from a text based platform called imvu where mostly all rp comes from with in the writing environment.

I feel like voice rp would suit me well, considering I do like theater play. I feel I have a wide vocal range of capability for accents and such.

I don’t mind writing rp provided I have a patience in my post responses. I don’t type as fast as I used to anymore.

Just a heads up, being that I am terrible at pvp I will most likely play a character that has some sort of handicap, that will make sense to my graphics card.

I have an intel HD Graphics Card so I will not be streaming the game myself.

If interested and would like to give me a chance send me a message please.