I'm not sure about this - New lighting in Exiled Lands

I don’t know about you guys, but its a bit too much white for me. Is there anything I can do in settings to make it a bit less?

For some reason equipping the Night-stalkers mask and taking it off will help reduce the brightness and clears the environment.

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In Video settings there is a gamma slider, you can move lower to adjust the brightness.

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If you are not satisfied with the gamma slider, try what Narelle offered as solution in the above topic. Editing the ini file will remove the entire thing.


Ah great! Tnx @JJDancer & @Coty !

PS4 player here.
I was looking thru the settings the other day, and I noticed a checkbox for Volumetric fog ON/OFF.

I wonder if checking that might address some of your graphical issues.

so, what your are saying is the checkbox in my settings does not do anything?

@Community can you clarify what, if anything, the Volumetric Fog checkbox does on the PS4?

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