Im stuck on loading screen, my friens can join!

Hello, as tittle said, im stuck at loading screen when i try to join a server, but my friends can join that server. please help, first time i install the game. tryed reinstaling the game, disabled firewall and antivirus, have a very good pc, good internet… beeing trying for 3 hours and nothing…

Where did you buy the game? Did you install and run the game with battle eye? Do you have any vac bans?

Hey there,

Keep in mind that server hosts such as g-portal are under a stress due to increased server populations caused by COVID-19, please.

  • Is the server using any mods?
  • What is the server region?

Try verifying your steam files.

Hi! i bought the game on steam. yes installed and runned the game with battle eye. No i dont

If that was the problem then my friends could join, its an unoficial server, with low population that my friends play. ping also is not a problem. server is not using mods and is hosted on South America.
Tryed verifying steam files twice and reinstaling 3 times the whole game.

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