In single player mode is not giving to make steelfire



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in single player mode is not giving to make steelfire, I do not know if this affects multiplayer.

when I click to manufacture simply the item says that it is being manufactured but does not manufacture anything, the white bar does not fill

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I play Solo/Co-op and this worked for me the last time I tried it.

Please make certain that there is a fuel source. I am not saying this to be ornery or cocky. I once was trying to figure out why my recipe wasn’t working when I noticed my fuel was completely consumed.

Another thing to try is to turn off the oven, then turn it back on. I have had a couple incidents where the oven appeared to be on, but wasn’t crafting. I clicked the off, then turned it back on and it started working.


I’m so stupid, you were right, I had not seen that I was out of fuel. thank you


Not stupid, you were only distracted.


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