Infinite Repair Loop Bug For Armor

Game mode: PVP - private server
Problem: Infinite repair bug loop
Region: US

Infinite repair bug as described by others previously. Not all armor sets and may depend on which armor enhancements used but Darfari Light Flawless Epic when enhanced will NOT repair. Armor is trapped in infinite repair loop but never uses resources, never gives missing reagent message and never is equippable until server resets.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Flawless epic Darfari armor seems to be affected where Kambj. and Silent legion are NOT, even when all 3 sets have the same wt. reduction enhancement.
  2. Armor set is trapped in an endless loop of repair, wont stop, and wont be usable until reset (where it is still not repaired).


It’s fixed in last test live patch :slight_smile: