Invasive HUD. Need to add an option

Is there a way to remove the hud? it’s very annoying when the cursor keeps bringing up item names in big letters on the screen. I’m playing on ps5 so i can’t fix it with mods.

You can adjust scale in settings.

I can t find this option on PlayStation unfortunately :confused:

Have you checked under game play settings? I’m on PC so it may not be an option for you.

There should be a box you can uncheck in settings. My hud is practically non existent, no names, no journey steps, no controller buttons.

I think OP means the info boxes that pop up?

Yes. Like when you re in front of a door, you have a letter box writing “hold E for acces to more options” with the name of the item to pointing.

Looks like you will need to manually reset the resolution, according to necros. 16:9 I guess is perfect so the option doesn’t show.

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