Inverted stair texture at Skelos Well, also preventing proper NPC pathing. (Age of War beta)

NPCs will go around using the other stairs instead of walking over the flipped textures.

Coordinates: -26898.65625 -249368.421875 26764.517578


Just like your post from the galleon, this too is on live servers. Similarly, you’ll find some odd ruins you can partly see through in the marsh of the mounds of the dead.

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Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you provide more information regarding this issue?

Can you share which game mode did you notice this on? (ie. Singleplayer, Co-op, online)
If online, please also share the Server name, please.

Thank you in advance.

Esse BUG de textura já existe no vulcão há muito tempo somente subindo que mostra essa falha na textura. Espero que a ■■■■■■ resolva esse bug visual do exilio e também resolva o bug visual de siptah também existe um bug parecido que ainda não teve ajustes até o momento :sleepy:

Fiz uma gravação que pode mostrar onde fica em meu servidor privado o mesmo erro é mostrado em servidor oficial e também mostra o erro em servidor local single. de todas as formas mostra o mesmo BUG visual tenho certeza que todos já visualizou esse bug dentro do jogo @Funcom_Community

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This seems to happen with texture load failure a times. So it’s pretty random.

This has been an Issue even before Age of Sorcery…

I posted ps4/ps5 caps of this long ago. =/ (does it on PC too)

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Singleplayer. Checked live build and it is also present there.

Its been like that since the age of sorcery update

Here is another place that has the same problem that you might want to look into, it happens on single player and servers. Its been like it for a very long time so its also currently in the live version too.


Can confirm this also exists on my server and has been this way since before Age of Sorcery.

C’mon FC…

Entre em qualquer servidor e confira esse BUG você mesmo, mas por favor faça o post do print aqui :thinking:

Hello @Lostmuppet,

We registered the information you shared on the video. However, in the future please submit a separate bug report for issues in different locations. We would appreciate it. :pray:

Thank you for your assistance in this investigation. Have a great day!

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