Invitation to join clan

Hi I play on PS4 and my server is not private. So if anyone would like to join me my clan roster name is Pellett,And my region is America

@Brenda hey there . People will need there server name or your psn name to contact you. Have fun out there. They may also want to know pvp Pvc pve.

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Pellett333. I’ve been playing solo since I’ve started playing LOL

You can have friends join your solo ps4, it’s called cooperative and you can set the tether rate in your admin settings. The tester is the distance your mates can be from you. I. My PS4, my tether rate or range is 1 mile.

Where is that in the game?

Well I’m unsure where to find “certain Info” but this is an invitation for any PS4 players who would like to join my clan. My PSN name Is Pellett 333, my region is America and my clan name is Pellett

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