Is anyone else having this bug of just trying to process something to end up just crashing and never being able to rejoin?

Alright. I am going what I have been suffering for a month on and frankly sick of now. I had come back to Conan to try out the new season get some free things and just the regular survival fun time. I am not pvper however, I have experienced some issue that just breaks me every time I try rejoining. The first time this happened was random so not even processing anything. I had spent a week within the server and suddenly I froze and crashed. I checked with discord and they said it was still up. So I tried rejoining, to just getting an error screen as pure usual. Ok, I will just move on to another server instead, similar issue, just this time with a small base. Could not say much about it. The same issues are applied though, came in made my character a week or a few days past and similar issue. Found the base I refered to. I saw my screen freak out and I saw a wall so signs of processing but right after that I crashed and was not utterly able to join in. Now the most recent case, I joined another server soon after this issue now more angry than ever. I join in and a few days past. Same issue just this time, it was slightly bigger. Still had problems processing any of the building. Only reason I knew it was a building was because I had asked the owner for help. So now you know the repeating issue. However, here is the list I had done each time, restarting the game, restarting console, reinstalling my game, turning off the router and returning it back on, cleaning the ps4, rebuilt my database and even deleted several other games. Yes the ps4 is old however, it can load a laggy big base so, let me know what can I do that is different to possibly something I have missed about trying to remedy this issue even if it is my issue. By the way the error code that constantly shows up is: CE-34878-0. Otherwise, if nothing works and it is indeed something to do with the game please fix this. I am sick and tired of getting somewhere to end up having to restart because is an issue like this.

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That’s going to be your main issue here tbh

Let me add onto this. Another ps4 in the room can handle this. Even though it is much older and even broken. So I am not in support of, it is just old, line. When a older and broken one does a better job at rendering something.

This also adds to the facts of how do I join for the first few days or even a week to never ever being able to join at all? So again in this case age, does affect the performance, however not the exact answer. For the performance is not my for care of the question, it is the fact that I legit can not join a server I had been part of to only end up not being able to play it.

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@Community any suggestions.

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Greetings Exiles,

Please check the Playstation support page regarding that error code:

We hope it helps! Have a great week! :slight_smile:

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I hope you’ll find a solution! My ps4 console is old too, from the first ones arrived in my country. I still play in my console but i clean it very often. Hopefully i never had code errors but tbh i only installed the game again before a couple of years when my son accidentally did a format and i lost all my saved data :rofl:. Good luck m8 :+1:t6:


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