Is cheating still there?

Hello exiles!

With all the patches addressing exploits and battleye workarounds, is there still any cheating going on on official servers?

Several guys have recently suspected one of the player was cheating. (Flying and duping, from what I heard)

I don’t have any proof but i’d like to know if it’s at least possible.

I don’t want to know how, please report to the exploit hunters in that case. Just want to know if it’s likely or not.

sure its still possible, they not yet fixed a URGENT Battleeye Issue, well it’s more battleeye itself and the connection to the game, it’s like non existent lol

I would say overall things are a lot better and I haven’t seen nearly as much as I used to. Currently playing on official servers and my experience so far is that all are playing fairly. I am sure its not the same everywhere though as exploiters always find a way.

Thanks for your answers,

So there’s no way a random guy pops up cheat engine and modify his stamina/health/speed/position or add items to his inventory that easily ?

yeah so it was for me in the first 500 hours, then they came and destroyed the whole game experience in just under 100hours.

I suspect the stat hack is still a thing. Maybe not the same method to acquire all 50 but it seems there are players that are super strong, super fast and have a ton of HP & Stamina.

i can confirm this.

even naked with agility 1 + endurance 2 (atleast) points in I wasn’t able to run away from a known exploiter

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