Is the Demonic Spider Pet hatchable?



Is it or not?
And what do i need for it?
Ive tried at least 100 spiders for every spiderkibble and nearly a 1000 with demonblood kibble, in singelplayer.
No Demonic Spider.
I also tried the loctus (100 each kibble), nothing.


Been trying as well, nothing.


Yeah it is a petty.
What i found out from various sources, that it is not hatchable.
You can only obtain it via the admin panel.
I’ve also tried to knock the demonic spider unconscious.
And after i recognize that its stamina was going down, ill hit it very long, tooked me over an hour.
And with the final blow the fight ended (fight music shut off).
But the spider was only stucked in its animation and nothing happend,
no interaction or something else.
Would be a cool thing to get it this way, something different.

We just have to wait for further updates.


Did you let the egg spoil first? If no that’s your issue you can put it in a compost heap to make it spoil faster.


Yes, i tried it with the baby spiders, not just the egg in the pen.
And i raised over 1000 spiders.


As mentioned in your reply, it’s not possible. See the Pet page for everything that is and isn’t.


Its only the the demonic spider.
The white and black rhino are obtaineable.
Unlike it is stated on the Pet-Wiki.


Thanks for the feedback. That was added by Remcullick. I didn’t see those two entries. I’ll ask her to clarify!


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