Is there a process for updating the game before tomorrow morning?


Anyone know if there is a process for downloading and installing the updates before the game goes live tomorrow morning? It’s a little after Midnight EST and I don’t see any option to patch or anything like that.

Or, do you just have to log in at 7:am tomorrow and it will start patching then?

I’ll do whatever it takes to get a jump on it.


Never mind, I found the info, for anyone who doesn’t know you have to wait until 7am EST to start patching.

Yeah, I read they are releasing the patch a few hours early to allow for pre-patching.

I’m anxious, because 40 player-slots will be capped out within seconds. The amount of griefing to become today will be legendary x_x

The launch patch will go live at 9am CEST tomorrow and patch notes will go live alongside the patch :slight_smile: