Issue with downloading assets for the game

Hello, I am having issues with downloading. I ocassionally get invisible enemies and players which led me to belive that i don’T have all game files installed. The download indicator in top corner is still going on even after days of playing.

I checked the folder and find the downloaderrors files which has this listed:

[2024-07-06 20:52:03] ERROR: HTTPManager - Giving up: htt:// (1010043:7577868), flags: 122, size: 0, response: 0, curlcode: 28, retries: 2

make sure no anti virus stopping you downloading some assets
greenlight swl
also mostly when ive seen people say this they are using some weird mobile connection for internet
whats your connection ?

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I whitelisted the entire game folder and checked if SWL is allowed trough firewall i even risked turning off the anti virus but the problem still presist.

I am using wired connection. Strengely enough there was time like yesterday when the download indicator disapeared and i was able to play normally even participate in event in Argatha hub for few hours but then the problem returned and now i ecountered another invisible enemy.

have you got full client checkmarked when you downloaded ?
the spinning logo that tells you your still loading assets happens whenever you go to an area that you havnt been before and will continue to do for quite a while on a fresh install
even with full client some stuff has to be downloaded and it seems to me like something is bottlenecking your speeds

Yeah it seems it is related to some outfit textures. When i uncheck and then check full client again the downlaod indicator disapears i guess because this resets the downloads but when i try view outfit in dressing room that id don’t have files for or ecounter player wearing that the indicator returns and the game starts behaving strengely and i have to redo the process.

Also there is probably queue for file downlaods so when game tries to download outfits it doesn’t download anything else which would probably explain why if i restart the game it fixes invisible enemies.

It is really strange that some outfits are causing problems with download but not others.