Japan Servers for Japanese Launch?

With the Japanese launch of Conan Exiles coming up next month I’m curious if Funcom will set up some PS4 Official Japanese servers?

Me and a buddy are planning to play again with another friend new to the game, but the thought of having to jump straight into other Asian official servers potentially full of Chinese clans doesn’t sound so fun.

Any word on if new servers pop up when the game is launched in other regions? Anything like this happen for South America or other parts of the world?

I do think it’d be logical that the JP PS4 update will bring a few Asia PS4 Official Servers. Though, you’ll have to wait for the update or someone from staff to come around to know for sure.

Just a heads-up here, if you didn’t know, Japan is the only country to get a seperate PS4 launch :wink:
(see: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Conan_Exiles)
This is probbably because the Japan departments of the Asia publishers weren’t so keen on the publishing date, but no reason has been given for it to my knowledge and I wouldn’t really worry.

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