Jhebbal Sag dungen! big problem

I have now played the Jhebbal Sag dungen 2 times and i manged to die right after the 2nd gorilla boss.
The big big problem is that now EVERYTHING has respawned and the doors to the bosses you did are closing right at your spawn.
That means you do not get your gear back at ALL.
You cannot die AFTER the first boss becouse the #"# wont let you go past the bosses you already killed so it locks you there naked!

This is very annoying that you cant get back to your spot so you ATLEAST could get your gear back.!"! this needs to be fixed!

I had the same problem at first. So I started in solo mode, used the admin panel to get a character to 60 and spawn flawless epic gear, and played around that way until I learned how to beat it.

It’s always been that way. If you die the dungeon resets, you need to have a bag outside or spawn outside and run back with new gear. Or is it no longer giving you the option of where to respawn?

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I had the same problem today. Died at last boss because my thrall stopped attacking and you can no longer block attacks with a shield. The whole instance reset. I had to spawn at my base. Get new armor and thrall. Then return and rerun the entire instance before my body despawned. Contrary to the other comment the dungeon never worked like that. If you died inside you could run back to your body. It didn’t trigger a total reset of all dead bosses. This needs to be fixed. Also, why in the hell did you make blocking that last boss with a shield not work anymore?

Yeah, always been that way. Annoying, but not impossible.

Okay, so to be clear instead of ‘always been that way’ I should have said that it’s been that way for months now.

It’s never been that way unless you think when it bugs out the game is normal. You have always been able to run back to your body without the bosses you just killed instantly resetting.

Maybe, only ever done it 3 times. I don’t like pets.

Yeah, tbh only run it to get the religion. After that maybe a hide run and pet run here or there, but never go all the way thru the bosses. Just circle the first areas over and over.

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