Jhebbal Sag dungeon crashes server

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [Here]

We tried to do the Jhebbal Sag dungeon two days in a row and whenever we’re there the server starts dropping connections and goes to 0/40 players and ping 9999. It’s usually down for a couple of hours until it’s killed and rebooted by some automated script (this is on official xbox servers). This has happened both after completing the final boss and while only defeating two of the bosses but dieing and attempting to get back to the death location but having a whole bunch of doors closed again.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Enter the Jhebbal Sag dungeon
  2. Play for a bit
  3. Server drops all connections

Hey @Guybrush

Thanks for reporting this. What server were you playing when this happened to you?


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Thanks for letting us know.

Happy new year.

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