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New Lordore RP PvE-C (PC)

Are you interested in a server serious about roleplaying? One that will cater to your characters roleplay needs and enable opportunities to be within the server stories and events, and even run your own events? We advocate helping players achieve the roleplay they desire however they need it (within reason/the rules).

Our community are seeking fun roleplayers of different styles to fill their player-built villages, and even run their kingdoms. Villains and quirky characters are most welcome.

We have low fantasy races available with perks, flaws and abilities. We have a custom made school of magic to enroll in. Would you like to perform rituals, become a necromancer or perhaps a wild whisperer and tame magical beings?

-Fantasy server with Low fantasy races with perks/flaws/abilities
-Difficulty is higher for a challenge
-Kingdoms system with villages
-Occupations to fulfill for trading and earning
-Extended roleplay magic with quests
-Events, quests and custom racial dungeons
-Our version of Siptah with Vaults
-End game Eldritch content
-Giveaways and auctions
-Player led roleplay
-Populated UK server but with players from around the world (South Africa, US, Philippines, Europe)
-Roleplay based competitions and rewards e.g. story competitions
-Friendly players and admins, accepting of all

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