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Draconus Isles

PvE-Conflict server : Exiled Lands - 20 Slots


Hello Exiles,

Our Conan Server is currently and may/maynot change similar to offical servers, but leveling is fast, base destruction is off but pvp is allowed 6hrs of the day.

Mod: Pippi - User & Server Management


We are an EU Based PVE-Conflict Server that welcomes Noobs and Veterans alike.

Both Steam and MS / Game Pass verions can join (ask how to get MS version to use mods if need be)

We have very active Admins, Come join us and even offer up any suggestions while playing… If you need help just ask!

Direct Connect:


Server Settings:

  • PvP: Monday - Sunday 12pm till 6pm AEST

in Addition we offer: