Journey revamp - feedback / first impressions

This update players spending much more time doing jurney steps then sorcery chapter 3

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What I do not understand is why Funcom hard locked the first journey step by demanding a fresh spawn of a character. Why?

I can not even start the journey since the first journey entry is completely locked for me because I already had an lvl 60 character before the update. The journey says explicitly: “enter the land of the exiled” which I personaly interprete as “spawning with a new character in the starting area”. So setting back the character with the pipi mod might not even work.

Has someone tried that out and succeded?

Your interpretation is wrong. Entering can mean respawning after being logged out. The first journey step means you just need to take a couple steps, not that you need to return to the starting area. In the Exiled Lands, the 2nd step does require returning to the starting area, but you can just skip that entire journey as the reward is trivial for a level 60 character.

No its not wrong. I can not unlock the first step, no matter if I go to the starting point or not. Its locked. Until I do not make a new character, I can not unlock the journey.

It also doesn´t matter if the rewards are trivial or not.

As a new player, I had no idea this existed until I read this post. I stumbled upon the archivist in the city just from exploring, but I wasn’t even aware the game had a “main quest” :confused:

checking the wiki, it seems like they cut out most of the journey steps that actually made it a journey. It just feels like an overly long tutorial.

I agree with Kacey.

The new journey system feels like you are actually accompanied for your first steps in the game.
The rewards are just the cherry on the top after trying out the basic actions and crafts.
Of course not all of the rewards and steps would feel interesting to old players, but it’s a given when you have to compromise to draw new players in.

PS: As much as I am ashamed to admit it, I did not know we could put coal in the fluid press. Thank you new journey system!