Just wondering about decay timer

Has the decay clock been stopped or is it marching on without us able to refresh?

Was anything posted or asked about this?

I know they stopped the timer for the PS4 login issue that is currently now solved, perhaps they will plan to do the same thing if this is for the pc issue? (unclear about for what instance)

they announced it like a day or two after the down time event started for the ps4 issue I would expect the same expedient and well-detailed response. :slight_smile:

my heart goes out to the devs to have to handle the problems - that would suck

Decay timers seem to be on I managed a login with really high ping rates which was rude. Seems decay is ticking away since one of my buildings had like 50 hrs on it. The others reset to 168.00 and so did the low one.

This tells me decay syetem has not been turned off and I would think there are going to be some sore people who finally manage to login to find their stuff decayed.

Login at this time is not seamless and the ping is too high for a lot to people to access their characters. I cannot understand how the decay timer is still going which could punish people for o fault of their own while this fiasco of being unable to connect reliably is going on.

yes it was asked many time and total silence from funcom, i am not able to play a game that i bought 2 year ago in early access, with all dlc bought, and i am not even able to launch the game since last update now what, 36h ago ? and no roll back to a previous working version, there is some very rude word to describe this situation.

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